Lift, Jits, Shoot

Hey everyone.  Figured I should update my page with something on a regular basis.  I recently picked up Archery last week thanks to my friend and fellow Podcaster (and temporary roomate) Stitch.  I picked up a pretty badass Bowtech Carbon Icon compound bow after my first lesson on a recurve.  I'll have more on that later and probably a Podcast on it.  While I was doing research on bows I came across Cameron Hanes.  Cameron Hanes is a famous bow hunter who I believe is the first hunter to be sponsored by Under Armour.  I was already familiar with him from JRE (the Joe Rogan Experience) and I knew that he had an insane work ethic and was in basically One Punch Man shape.  I was watching one of his videos on what he does for a workout and I was amazed.   He has a routine called Lift, Run Shoot.  This guy does a 7-10 mile mountain run every day.  Then he does a weightlifting routine.  AND when he is between sets he will shoot some arrows to make sure that he can still do it.  He does this so when he is hunting he won't be too tired to accurately shoot his bow.  Oh, did I mention that his bow has a 80 pound draw weight?  What that means is that he has to pull back 80 pounds to shoot his bow.  80 pounds, every draw.  He mentioned in this video that his typical goal when lifting is 600 reps.  Doesn't matter the weight or even exactly what he is doing, just as long as he gets 600 reps in.  I normally do a H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) when I workout (outside of Jiu Jitsu) but I figured fuck it, why not try this out?  I wanted to start a different routine anyway and I have fallen off my normal schedule of lifting.  I am still recovering from wrist surgery from last year (torn ligament) and I feel like I need to push my workout routine into next gear to finally get my body back in balance.  I'm also about 10 lbs from where I want my weight to be for Jiu Jitsu tournaments.  Well I look better at about 190 anyway.  Oh, I'm not going to do the running part of his routine.  Why?  Because I fucking hate running.  And, I do Jiu Jitsu for my cardio anyway so I figure I could Lift, Jits, Shoot.  So, I got up at 530 AM this morning and set a goal of 300 reps.  Why 300?  Because I'm not Cameron Hanes and I figured make my goal attainable.  I did basically Bi's, Tri's and shoulders using a dip station, 2 25lbs dumbells, a 15 lbs steel mace, and a 44lbs Cyclops legendbell (kettlebell).  I got through the 300 reps just fine and I could have probably done 400 reps or more but I had to start my workout a little bit later than I would have liked.  Thanks Indian food from yesterday....Chicken Tikka Masala is so fucking good though.  I felt great afterwards and I think I will make my goal 400 reps or more next time.  Anyway, hope you liked this entry.  I figured I would start giving people fitness updates in case they need  motivation and just to document my fitness as well.  Oh, and maybe I will need some motivation at some point as well.  If you have any questions about how I workout, what supplements I use, what equipment I use, etc feel free to leave a comment.  Oh, here is the video that motivated me.